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Dr Steven Warren

Healthy Dark chocolate review!

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replacing the bad... with the good!

Energizing and one of the most pharmacologically complex foods containing over 1200 different molecules. Most notably cacao contains: PEA, or the ‘love’ molecule, which is heat sensitive and destroyed in most chocolate products; Anandamide, the ‘bliss’ molecule, which is a cannabinoid endorphin that makes you feel good; Tryptophan, a heat volatile amino acid that is known to enhance mood; Serotonin, which helps you form a ‘stress shield’ that would keep you calm if the world were falling apart around you. our Cacao or chocolate product is one of the most concentrated sources of anti–oxidants (6x more than blueberries) and is a great source of many key minerals such as magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and copper.

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Sugar free

delicious medicinal dark chocolate truffle

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Acti-women, Body-slim, Acti-sleep, Acti-life.

delicious truffles

indulge the senses, but offer appealing health benefits as well.

  • healthy chocolate truffle

    100% happiness guaranteed

  • ways to eat chocolate

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  • Brew Cacao bean

    BOOST of Theobromine 

    with Zero calories

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  • Raw Cacao nuts

    freshly ground theobromine unprocessed nut to drink

  • supercharge your brain!

    brew cacao bean !

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Brew Raw cacao beans

What is an honest boost of Energy?

The natural energy you get with a cup of Acti Cacao beans comes honestly, without the discomfort or even harmful effects you may experience with caffeine. Our superior coffee alternative is made with 100% criolo cacao beans, raw and ground using a proprietary process that preserves many of its plentiful health benefits.

Contrary to what some people believe, cocoa contains little to no caffeine; instead it has theobromine, a natural and gentle stimulant relative to caffeine. Unlike caffeine – which is harsh with a spike and following crash – theobromine works with your body, not against it, giving you a mild, long-lasting lift without making you feel nervous or jittery.

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  • minerals and vitamins you need.

    to start your day, or have a good meal replacement

  • antioxidants protein "boost"

    Meal replacement smoothie

    Vanilla or Chocolate

  • 100% botanical plant based

    GMO free, gluten free, and all natural flavor.

Perfect High antioxidant Meal replacement

Authentic Nourishment and high in Antioxidants…CACAO Flavonoid.

A synergistic Blend of 27 of the World’s most Potent raw Superfoods. You won’t find a more powerful mix of superfoods on the market today. We’ve put the top raw berries, fruits, roots and greens all together in one concentrated, synergistic blend. Naturally loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, polysaccharides bioflavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Enjoy maximum nutrition, boost your immune system and attain optimum health with our remarkable Superfood blend.  

(25 serving per bag)

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everybody loves chocolate!

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