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Healthy blood pressure and blood circulation.

Chocolate Is Linked to 40+ Health Benefits

In case you were wondering, it's not only your heart that might benefit from the compounds in cacao and cocoa powder. A wide range of accumulating scientific research has linked its consumption to over 40 distinct health benefits. 8 While most of you have heard about the importance of antioxidants, a primer might help, beginning with the explanation that the formation of free radicals in your cells can damage your DNA to the point that your risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer's, heart disease, and cancer are elevated. This is why the antioxidant polyphenols in chocolate are so valuable, as they have the ability to stop free radical-mediated oxidation.

This helps to decrease your risk of those and other diseases by directly interfering with one of the major preventable causes of chronic degenerative diseases. Chocolate also contains other potent plant "chemicals," including anandamide, named after the Sanskrit word for "bliss," which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that temporarily blocks feelings of pain and anxiety. The theobromine in chocolate have been shown to produce higher levels of physical energy and mental alertness, and there are likely many more healthy chocolate compounds that have yet to be discovered. 

Cocoa and chocolate helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and blood circulation. 

The French are known for their love of red wine, which has a positive effect on their health thanks to the cocoa flavanols it contains. This is known as the French paradox. Also ChocoNat™ chocolate is rich in cocoa flavanols moreover, the specific cocoa flavanols show even stronger benefits in the following areas: helping to keep blood pressure and blood circulation at healthy levels. This specific health benefit has been shown at least in 35 independent human studies on cocoa and chocolate. Daily consumption of 16.4g dark chocolate or 4.5g cacao for 2 weeks helps maintain healthy blood pressure. * * In combination with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

ChocoNat Acti-Cacao™ claims for Blood pressure. choco-bottle

Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure Helps to maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range Helps to keep your blood pressure within the healthy range Blood flow/circulation Helps to maintain healthy blood circulation Helps to maintain vascular health by decreasing oxidation of bad cholesterol Helps to maintain healthy platelet activity which contributes to healthy blood circulation and healthy blood vessels.

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