ChocoNature The Wellness Chocolate 


ChocoNature Brut Raw Dark Chocolate

ChocoNat Brut power square, join the ranks of raw chocolate lovers and find out why it’s such an amazing delight. Power Brut, created by Choconat, combines the finest ingredients available to manifest a raw, 76%+ dark, organic, fair trade chocolate of the highest quality with delicate and subtle flavors arising from its top premium criollo cacao beans. (30 day supply) 500g per box.

Antioxidant ChocoNature brut power square of pure cacao. Unfermented. Sun-Dried, and Cold Processed. 

Simple Ingredients:  Cacao pure Liquor* Pure cacao butter*, Coconut palm sugar*, Vanilla bean * Organic certified, and completely GMO free because of no soy lecithin.



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