ChocoNature The Wellness Chocolate 

Protects the Brain

ChocoNat™ chocolate can help to supports memory and concentration. A delicious serving for mental protection. That would be one way to describe ChocoNat™ chocolate. The cocoa flavanols present in ChocoNat™ chocolate are a powerful source of protection, helping to keep your powers of concentration and memory in top condition.

Better brain performance is promoted by increased cerebral blood flow. The cocoa flavanols in cocoa and chocolate ensure a good supply of oxygen and energy to the entire body, including the brain. This provides good support for memory and concentration.

A welcome effect, especially as we grow older. This specific health benefit has shown in at least 3 independent human studies on cocoa and chocolate. Did you know that a small amount of ChocoNat™ dark chocolate or Activ-Cacao raw ground powder improves your concentration after already 2 hours?* *in combination with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Possible ChocoNat Acti-cacao™ claims Cognition

Helps to maintain your memory performance and capacity, especially as you get older Helps to maintain your ability to concentrate, especially as you get older Helps to maintain your capacity and ability to memorize Anti-aging. Contributes to a positive effect on the protection of the body from free radical damage caused by aging

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