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May 26, 2014

Choconat meal replacement smoothies Versus. Xocai Chocolate Replacement Meals

In our modern society trying to find the proper balance between health and satisfaction can be difficult to find. From harmful fake chemicals to GMO products, our food supply is littered with food that can harm our bodies rather than heal them. However, organic food offers us an opportunity to break free from this cycle. We now have the option to choose food that is pesticide and GMO free. The product we offer at Choconat is a meal replacement that satisfies and boosts our body’s immunity. There are many products on the market that claim to offer organic food, but fail to deliver when you look at the ingredients list. Take a better look at our product to discover what Choconat offers compared to our leading competitor, Xocai Chocolate replacement meals. Choconat Our main ingredients: In order to qualify to be certified organic, all the products within an item must be completely organic. Our certified organic, 100% vegan smoothie is completely GMO free and uses only the finest ingredients available. The ingredients we use are hand picked to make the perfect blend to mix with your own choice of fruits and vegetables. Our organic meal replacements are also full of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for optimum health and weight loss. The main ingredients in our Chocolate Choconat products are protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. The protein found in our vegan smoothies comes from germinated brown rice. Along with protein, brown rice is also an important source of magnesium, iron and B vitamins. This enables you to feel better without sacrificing quality taste. Obviously, how food tastes is just as important as its health benefits. When you choose any one of our Choconat smoothies you are invited to partake in an event that fills your senses with pleasure. All of this is accomplished without the use of artificial sweeteners or chemicals. We use real cocoa bean powder to achieve this taste. Cocoa beans provide an intense fruity flavor that adds to the rich, delicious texture of the smoothie. Choconat offers an extensive product line of organic meal replacement vegan smoothies for the benefit of their clients. From Acai berries to truffles, they make sure to cover every market for both sweets and health food without sacrificing taste in the process. Their testimonial’s prove that their products work and that they offer an exclusive product that cannot be found anywhere else. However, their competition is popular, but does it provide the same benefits to the body as Choconat? Xocai Chocolate Meal Replacements Xocai chocolate meal replacements are extremely popular. They tout the benefits of antioxidants and claim to help heal your body in a short period of time. However, what is the truth behind their claims? What does the evidence suggest, and are they hiding any harmful ingredients or chemicals in their products? When it comes to health food, organic is a necessity. Without organic products, a meal replacement can do more harm than good to an individual's overall health. In the case of Xocai Chocolate, there are several added ingredients that are not good for your body and have actually been linked to cancer. Sucralose is one such sweetener. Derived as an artificial sweetener to improve the overall taste of food products without the calories, there have been many independent studies conducted that have proven the negative effects of the chemical. In fact, there is nothing ‘all-natural’ about sucrolose. The top ingredients listed in Xocai chocolate are, in fact, whey protein isolate (which is not vegan friendly) vanadyl sulfate (a petroleum by-product) and of course sucralose. All of these ingredients are harmful to the body even in small doses, and are certainly not harmonious with a diet free of chemicals and artificial foods. In addition, Xocai uses a form of chocolate flavoring that is not derived from its natural source and is considered to be an artificial flavoring instead of the cocoa beans that Choconat uses. So where then, does Xocai receive the praise as an excellent diet replacement? The fact is you can lose weight with Xocai but you will not receive the nutritional benefits that your body so desperately needs. If you are looking for an organic meal replacement than you will need to keep looking past Xocai meal replacements. Xocai versus Choconat In the end, Choconat uses real, hand picked and certified organic ingredients that are specifically chosen for the benefits they offer consumers. Xocai meal replacements do not provide these benefits. Organic food also gives you the peace of mind to know that your body is being well nourished. Choose Choconat if you want an organic meal replacement that feeds your body as you aim to lose weight and transform your overall health. The difference it can make is startling.

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