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ChocoNature Shake & Smoothie-mix

March 22, 2017

Make Your Everyday Great with Choconat’s Smoothie Mix

Smoothie is one of the healthiest foods you can add to your everyday diet. It can help you a lot to lose weight and have a healthier and stronger body. Smoothie is mostly made of greens, but today, you can now have a rich chocolate cacao smoothie!

Do you want to have a richer and more delicious shake smoothie?

Well, the best answer to your need is now here! Choconature is proud to present to you its collection of raw and unprocessed dark chocolate goodies! Choconature comes with a wide variety of products and one of these is their delightful Smoothie-mix.
If you aim to lose weight and you consider taking Shake smoothie as replacement to your lunch or dinner meal then you should not forget to try this smoothie mix. Choconature Smoothie-mix is very delicious and it will certainly make your day complete. It is made with 100% plant-based bio-fermented plant base that will benefit you in several ways.
With Choconature Shake Smoothie-mix, you will achieve the following:

Maintain a healthy and normal weight

Have reduced digestive problems
You will feel lighter plus you will have more energy to stay active throughout the day. You will have healthier cholesterol levels
Why Try our Shake Smoothie-mix?
is one of the nutritious and healthiest ones you can add on your diet. It is a synergistic combination of 27 of the most potent unprocessed superfoods. You will never be able to find a more powerful blend of superfoods in the market today than this one. It comes with the most powerful Organic raw berries, root, fruits, and greens that were put all together all in one synergistic, concentrated blend.
It’s Healthy and Delicious
It is flavorful and it tastes really good. It is healthy and it changes the way your body can benefit from dark chocolates. This Smoothie-mix is rich in antioxidants, polysaccharides, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. This product will let you enjoy maximum nutrition as it will give your immunity a boost plus you will attain optimum health with Choconature remarkable superfood blend.

Raw Cacao Will Make You Feel Good!

Known as a healthy and delicious food, dark chocolate can even make your mood better! If you are not feeling well, you are pissed of something and you find a hard time to relax, have a Shake Smoothie to change your bad mood. Cacao  can stimulate your body to produce a certain chemical called endorphin. It is the chemical inside your brain that will make you feel happy and good. Shake Smoothie-mix is also proven helpful in stimulating the body to release another chemical known as serotonin and this chemical does the same thing with endorphin.

Start the Fun with ChocoNature Smoothie-Mix

It is so easy to have a cup of delightful chocolate smoothie. All you have to do is to blend a pack of Choconat’s Smoothie-mix with water and shake it well. In just seconds, you now have a cup of fresh rich-chocolate smoothie! A 500 gram serving of Smoothie-mix is equal to 25 servings per bag.
Choconature Smoothie Mix is purely made with all-natural, organic and healthy ingredients because Choconature cares not only for your taste but for your health as well.