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Body Slim Dark Chocolate Truffle Sugar Free

Raw & Delicious! 76% dark chocolate Organic & healthy Sugar-Free Dairy-free A low glycemic treat a power nutritional the most sublime multivitamins with over 190 biologically active nutrients including the best weight loss supplements for 2013-14 green coffee bean extract garcinia Cambodia sea buckthorn oil best if eaten within 2 weeks or keep refrigerated 12 truffles 230 grams.

  • Promote Overall Body Fat Reduction*
  • Support Appetite Moderation*
  • Target Belly Fat*
  • Support Metabolism Safely & Effectively*

A Daily dose of our Body Trimming Chocolate Truffles… Aids in weight loss, block fat absorption, suppresses appetite, improves mood, reduces stress, reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, reduces the risk of diabetes, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties, immune supportive, supports healthy skin, hair and nail, increases energy & metabolism.

Simple ingredients: NO FILLERS, BINDERS, OR ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS. AND GMO-FREE! Chocolate Activ-Cacao Paste, coconut milk, Sea buckthorn oil, Garcinia cambogia, Green coffee extract, stevia and monk fruit extract, vanilla bean.