ChocoNature The Wellness Chocolate 

The ChocoNat ™Acti-Cacao process

We have succeeded in preserving the naturally present flavonols in the cocoa bean without compromising on the taste. Preserving health benefits and taste ChocoNat ™Acti-Cacao has developed a special and unique process wherein the cocoa flavonols, naturally part of the cocoa bean, are retained to a maximum of 80 % during the process of making chocolate. In the traditional production process a significant reduction of the amount of cocoa flavanols occurs inevitably. chart 1     Even more than 70% of the cocoa flavanols are lost. Our special process prevents this. The full ChocoNat™ Acti-cacao process passes through several stages: from harvesting and processing of the cocoa bean to the production of chocolate. The end result is a particularly effective product: ChocoNat™ chocolate. This combines excellent taste with the guarantee of a very high natural cocoa flavonol content. As a result, it offers great wellness benefits. Special bean treatment The process starts at the cocoa plantations. Together with the cocoa farmers, ChocoNature  has investigated ways of growing, harvesting and treating the beans in such a way that a maximum amount of cocoa flavonols in the beans is preserved, together with the taste and aromas. These are also maintained at every step throughout the entire process from cocoa to chocolate: in roasting, mixing and conching. The end result is a particularly effective product: ChocoNat™Acti-Cacao raw chocolate and the "Boost" drink. This combines excellent taste with the guarantee of a very high natural cocoa flavanol content. As a result, it offers great wellness benefits.