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We have succeeded in preserving the naturally present flavanols in the cocoa bean without compromising on the taste. We have developed ChocoNat™ ACTIV-COCOA, a special process to preserve a maximum of flavanols present in the cocoa bean. Preserving health benefits and taste We developed a special process wherein the cocoa flavanols, naturally part 
of the cocoa bean, are retained to a maximum of 80 % during the process of making chocolate. In the traditional production process a significant reduction of the amount of cocoa flavanols occurs inevitably.   Even more than 70% of the cocoa flavanols are lost. Our special process prevents this. We calls this process: ACTIV-COCOA ChocoNat™
. The full process passes through several stages: from harvesting and processing of the cocoa bean to the production of chocolate. The end result is a particularly effective product: cocoa and chocolate. This combines excellent taste with the guarantee of a very high natural cocoa flavanol content. As a result, it offers great health benefits. Special bean treatment The ChocoNat™ ACTIV-COCOA process starts at the cocoa plantations. Together with the cocoa farmers, we investigated ways of growing, harvesting and treating the beans in such a way that a maximum of cocoa flavanols, taste and aromas, in the beans, are preserved. These are also maintained at every step throughout the entire process, from cocoa beans to chocolate. The end result is a particularly effective product: ChocoNat™ ACTIV-COCOA and chocolate. This combines excellent taste with the guarantee of a very high natural cocoa flavanol content. Compared to standard dark chocolate, milk chocolate,  or cocoa powder, the ChocoNat™ products contain 3 times more flavanols.

Possible ChocoNat™ claims

Contains more active flavanols than standard chocolate on the market. Helps to maintain healthy cells by neutralizing free radicals Increases the body’s ability to fight free radicals Strengthens your natural defenses against oxidative stress Helps to protect your body by reducing (harmful) free radicals Demonstrates antioxidant effects and helps to protect the cells against oxidation.

Healthy heart and good blood pressure

Studies have shown that dark chocolate helps maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation. Because it's raw and organic and made with fresh cacao, we believe ChocoNat offers even stronger benefits! The French are also known to benefit from the healthy flavanols in red wine, but dark chocolate has more. And raw cacao has 7 times the antioxidant power of cooked chocolate! Learn More

Protects the brain

Cocoa and chocolate supports memory and concentration. A delicious serving for mental protection. That would be one way to describe our chocolate. The cocoa flavanols present in dark chocolate are a powerful source of protection, helping to keep your powers of concentration and memory in top condition. Better brain performance is promoted by increased cerebral blood flow. The cocoa flavanols in cocoa and chocolate ensure a good supply of oxygen and energy to the entire body, including the brain. This provides good support for memory and concentration. A welcome effect, especially as we grow older. Learn More

Nourishes the skin

Cocoa and chocolate keeps the skin soft and supple. The cocoa flavanols in chocolate also have a beneficial effect on our exterior. Increased blood flow and better hydration ensure that the skin remains soft, smooth and supple. The chances of developing wrinkles and crow’s feet are reduced. Growing older beautifully is now within easy reach. These benefits have been shown in at least 4 independent human studies on cocoa and chocolate. Learn More