ChocoNature The Wellness Chocolate 

10 years already!

Organic Dark Raw Chocolate Factory Who would not love chocolate? Dark raw chocolate at that? 10 years already wow

We are a raw chocolate factory, located in the United States. We want to provide the perfect chocolates for our clients; we make it our mission. We want happy, satisfied customers. We want customers to have big, bright smiles on their faces when thinking about our raw organic chocolate. We offer original French sweets, raw organic dark chocolate, made in the United States. Our vegan products are pure, perfect delight for chocolate lovers. Frenchmen are happy, friendly people. They love sweets and fine things. Do you remember the movie, Chocolate, starring Juliette Binoche? Frenchmen have a special love for any lavish treat made of cacao: chocolates and truffles. My wife comes from Long Island, New York, while I am French Canadian. we travel all over the word to became a big chocolate aficionados. Dark chocolate is our great love. We enjoy the rich, bittersweet flavors of cacao and raw chocolate. That is why we decided to open our chocolate factory in the United States, to bring our chocolate tradition to this amazing country. We consider Fair Trade important. We want to be good to those who are connected to our business. We have many years of experience in the wellness industry. We have recognized the importance of healthy living in the mid-nineties, and we started putting our ideas into practice. Why should we not cut sugar from sweet, flavoured raw chocolate? Through the years, we have built a network of business partners and relationships. We have worked together on wholesale and retail distribution. By now, we know the chocolate business inside and out. We know the taste of our audience – literally. At last in January 2010, we launched the first raw organic Fair Trade dark chocolate factory within the United States. These days, we are a small and cozy family business, close to the hearts of our buyers. We focus on 100% consumer satisfaction. We have a customer friendly approach. We wait for chocolate lovers with fantastic new flavors and distinctive, luxurious French aromas in each bar of chocolate. We provide excellent quality bits and bites, bars and snacks of chocolate. We set our standards high. We should have everything all right: the pretty packaging, the sight of smooth, rich brown sweets, the soft, creamy texture. Anytime we come up with a fantastic new chocolate product, we are proud of our accomplishment. We make bold experiments, a blend of flavours, combining our creative ideas with our old, tried and true tradition. We are also health conscious and eco-conscious. Our chocolate products are made of certified organic ingredients, raw organic cacao amongst them. Cacao, and not cocoa. Cocoa is cooked cacao, so it has already lost many of its nutrients. Consider that raw chocolate is a healthier option than any other chocolate. Chocolate made of raw cacao will never harm your teeth. Unlike artificial sweeteners, cacao does not contain harmful ingredients. It is beneficial to your health. Raw chocolate improves heart function, it lowers stress level and elevates the level of endorphins, hormones that are responsible for your sense of happiness and well-being. Raw chocolate contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.